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As an integral part of our design philosophy, we believe that our responsibility through Landscape Architecture is to be a steward of the environment.  As such, cognizance of environmental impact is incorporated into every project.  We incorporate state-of-the-art low impact development (LID) techniques into our projects to ensure any environmental impacts will be minimal.  We believe that integrating these LID principles assists in reducing maintenance requirements while enhancing the visual aesthetic and usability of the space for our clients.

Although our focus is in Landscape Architecture, we have found that a holistic approach to projects best suits the needs of our clients.  Our extensive experience also includes Master Planning, Architectural Rendering and Presentation Graphics, Land Use and Community Planning, and Grant Writing.  This diverse background and schedule of services allows us to serve the particular needs of each project, whether it be through using in-depth analysis and land use planning to assist our clients with realizing property values,  garnering consensus through conceptual design, or helping to generate new revenue streams for implementation funding.

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